Vancouver, BC — Dr. Angie Loo and Spring for Kids, a Vancouver-based non-profit that supports people with facial anomalies, is pleased to confirm that they are the official recipients of the $100,000 grant from Cycle 5 of the Pepsi Refresh Project.

“Every day we are inspired by the rewarding stories and ideas submitted to the Pepsi Refresh Project by Canadians who are helping to refresh the world and make a positive impact in the lives of Canadians,” said Robb Hadley, Director of Marketing at PepsiCo Beverages Canada. “It’s incredible to see how the community united in support of Dr. Loo’s Pepsi Refresh Project idea. Engaging local communities at the grassroots level is exactly what this program is about and we are proud to announce the grant win of $100,000 to Dr. Loo’s team and the Spring for Kids Foundation.” 

To win, Spring for Kids competed against more than 80 ideas for the most online votes in the $100,000 category of the Pepsi Refresh Project. Prior to launching the campaign, Dr. Loo enlisted the support of orthodontists from around the province, including Dr. Edwin Yen, Dr. Paul Helpard, Dr. Paul Pocock, Dr. Robert Elliott, Dr. Francine Lo, Dr. Dorothy Sonya, Dr. Bo Hoglund, Dr. Jay Nagamatsu, Dr. Tom Moonen, Dr. Jordan Millar, Dr. Bernard Lim, and Dr. Robin Jackson. Together, these practitioners created a positive and empowering experience for their communities that included having voting stations in their clinics, sending out daily emails and having weekly prize draws.

“We are very eager to put this grant to use by funding educational initiatives and dental treatments for financially disadvantaged patients with facial anomalies,” said Dr. Loo, President of the Spring for Kids Foundation. “We have already started collaborating with the strategic partners that will help us implement our ideas, including teams from BC Children’s Hospital, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver General Hospital and Centrifuge Media Lab.”

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About Spring for Kids & the Pepsi Refresh Project

Spring for Kids is a Canadian organization that supports children with cleft and craniofacial disorders by providing funding for education, research, surgical missions and the continued care of patients and their families. Spring for Kids was founded in 2010 by Dr. Angelina Loo, who is an orthodontist, member of the BC Children’s Hospital Cleft Palate Team and an Assistant Clinical Professor in Dentistry at UBC.

Spring for Kids successfully competed against more than 80 ideas for a $100,000 grant in Cycle 5 of the Pepsi Refresh Project. The campaign’s success is attributed to the active support of orthodontic teams around the province, including:

  • Vancouver: Dr. Angelina Loo & Dr. Edwin Yen
  • Courtenay: Dr. Paul Helpard
  • North Vancouver: Dr. Paul Pocock, Dr. Tom Moonen & Dr. Jordan Millar
  • Prince George: Dr. Robert Elliott & Dr. Francine Lo
  • Richmond: Dr. Bernard Lim & Dr. Robin Jackson
  • White Rock: Dr. Dorothy Sonya, Dr. Bo Hoglund & Dr. Jay Nagamatsu

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Media Contact

Ms. Tiffany Chiu
Centrifuge Media Lab